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Placing human experience at the centre of their design process, Woods Bagot is an international modern architecture firm that places people at the heart of their design process. Reconsidering the human interaction in the workspace, they work as a design and consulting studio to develop future-oriented projects that responds to the way we actually use space.

Their own workspace across the globe – and in Sydney – reflects this value to a tee, particularly with their unique 24/7 agile team, capturing a sense that their work isn’t simply a job or a career, it’s a lifestyle. And their around-the-clock operations of their team called for a warm home-like space to improve the quality of living for the team, welcoming staff, clients, and visitors alike.

Critical to creating a home at work environment was the need for an agile dimension to the office. An office space was designed that allowed team members to interact both indoors and outdoors, conducting architectural research, model making, and designing in a highly flexible and collaborative mode. For clients and visitors, the new space features exhibitions and state of the art displays to demonstrate the conceptual and physical research and development conducted by the team.

Understanding the demands of a modern workplace and work-life, through the new Sydney office design, engaging with the architectural process and the materiality of the process will be easier than ever. Woods Bagot looks to further building their business on the cornerstones of modern work and living: collaboration, socialisation, and design.

Using innovative technology and creative thinking

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