Embodying how we work: Unispace reimagines new global HQ

Starting with a blank canvas for its new global headquarters in Sydney, international workplace design firm Unispace has created a working environment that puts connectivity at the forefront.


One of Unispace’s unique value propositions is its global design and project management capabilities, so international connectivity and collaboration was essential to create the global hub for the company’s 39 studios around the world.


“Our new HQ had to embody how we want our people to work not just here, but worldwide. We spent a lot of time exploring how our design teams work together and collaborate, so that we could design our working environment to make that process as seamless as making a phone call,” said Nectarios Lazaris, Unispace’s Global CIO.


Working with POMT, the result is an office space that showcases the design and functionality for which Unispace is renowned, with integrated technologies that making it easy to bring together the best global talent to deliver solutions to its clients.

Using innovative technology and creative thinking

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