Building A Fast Paced Workplace For a Fast Paced World

Far surpassing their humble roots as a small Australian fintech start up back in the early 1990s, Iress has become a leading international supplier and developer of software systems and services for financial markets and wealth management businesses. Iress provides access to the financial market through their unique end-to-end technology that supports the crucial financial decisions that are so reliant on fast access to real-time global data, trading, and connectivity.

Their ever-expanding team in Sydney called for the need to redefine their workspace to match their pioneering work, allowing them to liaise with and support their clients through a revamped office. Maximising the ease and flexibility of communications with clients was the priority in updating their workspace, as well as increasing the training and interactive capacities of their teams.

Alongside interactive screens available in specialist training spaces, which enable dual projection for both internal and external communications, the new office space fosters a collaborative environment with improved connectivity at the heart of this workplace facelift. A tiered studio design influenced the purpose-built Video Conferencing room and specialist boardroom with VC capabilities, to maximise immersion and to improve the line of sight across the room for seamless communications between team members and clients. 

POMT introduced a new user experience interface, Zoom, to integrate their existing workplace technology and appliances with the new installations. The updated dual presentation and LCD screens in the staff engine room surrounding a breakout space next to their in-house café represents a new shift towards better interactions across their teams, with new recording and streaming capabilities built into the office relay screens.

With a focus on connectivity and freedom across the office, POMT designed a solution that would prioritise the human element so crucial to Iress’ service. Staying on top of the constant changes in the market requires technology that can keep up with the rapid-fire updates in the environment, and Iress’ new office additions are more than a match for the fast pace of the financial sector.

Using innovative technology and creative thinking

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