Clayton Utz
Transforming the traditional legal office has become the Australian blueprint

With a history spanning 185 years, Clayton Utz has completely refurbished and redesigned offices to create a collaborative, innovative and ‘café style’ work environment. One of Australia’s leading law firms, Clayton Utz understands the importance of placing people first in providing legal aid and in its own workplace so that they can drive innovation and creativity in their practice.

Bringing in POMT to work alongside its architect and builder to design and implement the workspace technology components of their new office across the country, a new style of legal workplace was developed. The refurbishments focussed on people and the human element of legal practice by creating a collaborative environment with digital signage and a bespoke cloud-based room booking solution as the blueprint for a new spin on the traditional practice of legal aid. Updating the digital environment was central to the new offices to encourage collaboration and cross-location information sharing, with new video and audio conferencing, telephone, and document sharing and presentation capabilities implemented with LifeSize technologies.

“POMT brought ideas around the use of the open plan spaces, and the technology spaces. They brought the idea of media distribution to Clayton Utz, which we had not considered before,” said Nicholas Fantis, Senior Project Manager, Clayton Utz.

The end result? Two new environments that are fostering innovation and excellence, and encouraging staff to think differently and work globally.

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Using innovative technology and creative thinking

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