Cisco Sydney
Taking the 'outside' approach where technology is the key architecture

Global IT powerhouse Cisco puts ideation into practice unveiling its new state-of-the-art headquarters in Sydney as the shining example of the latest agile working environments and collaborative technologies.


As a technology industry leader, Cisco constantly adapts and advances its products and systems. This in turn creates a challenge for Cisco; on one hand to create a productive working environment for its staff and on the other hand an ecosystem to showcase its latest cutting edge technologies throughout various meeting, collaborative and presentation spaces.


Cisco’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Block said “we have had a very good experience in our Sydney office, everybody who has been here including our own employees, visitors and partners are impressed and that’s a successful outcome.”


The POMT and Cisco partnership has brought to life a great exchange of technology experience and best practices, at the same time implementing core technical capabilities to deliver an integrated workplace experience.

Using innovative technology and creative thinking

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