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Earmarked by the government as a hub for innovation and new tech projects, BCG DV Sydney is the launch pad for their work across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. As a global entrepreneurial firm drawn to new growth of business through corporate ventures, BCG DB expanded into Sydney as a rare entrepreneurial centre with a unique focus on technology for tech companies, digital start-ups, as well as corporate incubators and accelerators.

DV Sydney looked to implement a full fit-out of their new space including updated meeting rooms and collaborative breakout spaces. The new spaces incorporated a new room booking system, allowing the DV team to flexibly and easily access and arrange meetings in the rooms that houses pioneering Oblong digital solutions that have been implemented.

Multi-screens make for a truly visual immersion in the ideas and content of the teams, utilising a series of transparent planar screens to support an incredibly flexible user experience. Visual immersion has also been extended beyond the workspaces, with digital signage implemented in a tunnel to showcase new tech and introducing the diversity of DV solutions and their impressive clientele base to visitors to the impressive three floors of their new space.

With a commitment to making real differences for their clients, DV Sydney’s new office reflects the values and standards core to their business. Aiming at high value creation, the new office will enhance the team’s capacity to deliver solutions that creatively solve the complex and real challenges of the modern business.

Using innovative technology and creative thinking

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