Respecting The Need For Quality In The Work Space, To Bring Out Excellence In Their Workplace

Named the Australian Law Firm of the Year in 2017, Allens makes it their business to know their clients’ business. A global network has allowed them to combine technical excellence with a complex understanding of the commercial world in order to provide the best insights and advice to clients of all shapes and sizes, with the same level of commitment to outstanding service across the board.  In building their reputation on quality – of their people, their client relationships, and their approach to work – they have also committed to the same standard for the environment in which they work.

Developing an office that would connect more easily with the rest of their global network, from partners to clients, was then the focus of refreshing and upgrading their Melbourne and Sydney offices, Audio Visual and Video Conferencing systems, allowing their teams access to both personal to medium scale meeting facilities. Bigger isn’t always better, and complex isn’t always quality, and the new installations works to preserve the way Allens has always worked – for people and with people.

The new AV set up includes a simple but highly effective control panel to monitor and customise presentation sources, microphone control, and video call requirements. A pilot series of group zones was developed that ranges from small informal meeting rooms to a flexible multipurpose seminar room, prioritising functionality to protect the privacy of meetings with clientele while maximising efficiency through contact and content sharing facilities..
With the need to stay connected more than ever, it’s only right that quality of the workspace and the facilities available in the workspace helps support excellence in collaboration and service delivery – no matter where their people are.

Using innovative technology and creative thinking

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