Your Future in Cloud-Based Working

The iconic photograph of a relaxed worker sipping coffee and tapping away on their laptop from a distant tropical island getaway is fast becoming emblematic of the modern worker. But have you ever looked on with forgivable envy wondering, how did they get there? And, on a serious note, are they really getting any work done?

Thanks to virtual desktop technology, we can confidently attest to the remote island-workers productivity. Not only are they answering emails, ticking off tasks and regularly reporting on their progress to coworkers, but they are collaborating with a team of mutually remote (and possibly island-based) workers in real-time in the cloud.

With the rise of remote working environments, technology enters the discussion as a necessary portal to maintaining the once physical nature of office interactivity and efficiency. So what can you expect from your average working day, in the cloud?

Soft Conferencing

The ability to be mobile and log in from home or work to the same virtual workstation despite the change in surroundings is changing the very nature of work. For the modern workplace, the ‘office’ is wherever the employee happens to be.

‘People are rapidly moving away from IP phones to softphones’, reflects Peace of Mind Technology’s Business Leader, Brigham Milne. Soft video and audio conferencing mean your regular Monday meeting is now being captured on mobile, laptop and tablet devices. Organisations are turning to these soft forms of communication, Skype4Business being a well-known example, to make video calls, join video conferences, share presentations and manage work across disparate office locations.

This kind of flexibility is not only a plus for employees, but it’s a high-five moment for employers, too. As organisations come to reflect and embrace the increasingly global nature of their operation, so too is their workforce able to transcend physical boundaries and diverse time zones with relative ease.


Our very own Virtual Meeting Room solution delivers face-to-face meetings across diverse locations and technologies using the latest in intelligent cloud technology. You are given the ability to launch and join calls from your own instant message window to coworkers on the same platform or mobile device, or connect via shared room video systems.

Zoom Video Conferencing

One of the habits of highly successful remote teams is to be just that: to continue to function as a collaborative, productive team while often no team member is located in the same physical space.

Zoom is enabling all-team meetings with ease, as a hardware-less solution to remote audio and video conferencing. Zoom unifies cloud-based video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging into one neat platform.


Cisco’s WebEx video and audio conferencing solution enables remote conferences across dispersed, increasingly global teams. You can meet across your company, hold events or webinars, offer training, courses and educational demonstrations and provide remote support from any location.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts are enabling efficient real-time chats between teams with creative flair. You can start a conversation and share photos, emojis, maps, stickers and GIFs as you go. Video and audio conferencing are tied across devices, allowing chats between Android, iOS and the web. You also have the ability to capture images, share YouTube videos and add effects to the video for an engaging chat experience.

All For the Ease of Work

As the accessibility of cloud-based working is realised, our conceptualisation of the ‘office’ is an increasingly fluid and intuitive one. Through being able to operate from virtually any location, at any time, the nature of work is changing to reflect the variety of a person’s life as they master working across time and distance. For some of you, that might mean your remote tropical island office is closer than you realise!*

*Disclaimer: Island getaway requires an internet connection to operate.

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