Why Remote Working is Boosting Staff Retention

There are probably more than a handful of managers and business leaders out there who hear the phrase “remote working” and immediately conjure up the image of an employee sitting around in their pyjamas collecting a paycheck each week.

Admittedly, there are always going to be those employees who abuse the system. But chances are, you already have an idea of who those employees are, long before you decide to approve their remote working arrangements.

For those roles that it is appropriate and applicable to work at remotely, and with the right tools and systems for effective management and accountability, the benefits of remote working speak for themselves as your employees relish in the autonomy your organisation provides.

Stress Reduction

  • Quieter atmosphere
  • Less distractions

There is nothing quite like the feeling of working in an environment that best suits your personal working style. Rather than spending the greater part of your working life in an environment that doesn’t mesh, remote working offers people the ability to work in spaces that are often personal, familiar and more friendly to the individual within the space.

Increased Connection

  • Technology bridges the divide
  • Instant virtual access without instant physical interruptions

Thanks to workplace technology tools and devices; including smartphones, social media, virtual meeting rooms and cloud-based organisational platforms, it is now easier than ever before to stay connected to employees across vast distances.

Job Creation

  • Employers and employees save money
  • New staff can be brought on board from local and interstate locations with ease

Challenged to find smart and innovative ways to reduce rent and property costs, business leaders are starting to see the cost-benefit of promoting alternate ways of working.


  • Greater work/life balance
  • Your schedule can be your own

No one likes to feel stifled in their work environment. Freedom of choice in where, and how, an employee can work greatly increases the real and perceived level of choice. New technologies also offer workers an escape from having to work in a certain way.

Effective Engagement

  • Faster, more effective meetings
  • Work is no longer confined to narrow ideas of 9-5

It can be argued that working remotely boosts employee engagement by loosening the borders of time a person spends working in the 9-5 divide. It also makes their time spent working more effective; as meetings are shortened, time spent travelling is lessened and people focus their efforts on the task at hand.

Limitless Potential

  • Fit your office where it fits your life
  • Have more flexibility in your day

You will often see the remote working ideal captured through images of laptops placed delicately beside resort pools, tropical beaches, and mountain peaks. While a little fantastical, there is some truth to this, as remote working need not be from the home alone; many remote workers frequent cafes, public libraries, and so on.

It Builds Trust

  • Become more independent as a worker
  • Increase the trust in your relationship to co-workers and managers alike

One of the central arguments against remote working is that managers can’t trust their teams to work effectively in isolation. However, on the contrary, what if allowing your staff the freedom to work remotely actually nurtured a more trusting relationship? If given half the chance, remote working extends an olive branch to employees who can prove their productivity; even without an eye peering over their shoulder!

Environmental Pluses

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Avoid traffic; reduce the time spent in lengthy commutes

Beyond all this, commuting cars on the road are the challenge of all swelling urban, inner-city populations. Less commuting not also reduces your organisation’s carbon footprint, but it’s been shown to improve employee satisfaction.

So what’s left to wonder about? To see how technology can help your business embrace remote working, speak to POMT for more information.

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