When it comes to gender quality is Movember still relevant?

Today we are presented with many worthy and deserving causes crying out for attention with marriage equality most recently standing out as the overwhelming “cause du jour” for most Australians.

Running parallel to all this is the global outcry against men’s abuse of power and the subjugation of women in the workplace. It’s too early to say what will come of all this, but there is a glimmer of hope that the sheer force of the media exposure will result in lasting change.

So against this highly politically charged backdrop, how/when do we have time to “filter” for Movember?

Should Movember widen its predominantly male focus, given the above? Is it now “out of step” with the times? Depression is on the rise, but that’s both genders – not just the men. The ‘Black Dog’ does not discriminate on the basis of gender. It can take hold at any time, never really letting go and sometimes it can feel like it’s winning the war. Women and men, both young and old suffering from depression need our help to overcome what is surely a journey void of a handrail.

So we are asking you to contribute to our Movember efforts. And yes, we know you haven’t seen our mo’s growing, but attached is a few before and after photos.

So in summary, our 2017 Movember takes on many shades but it also contains a promise….that we will do ‘our bit’ towards continuing to rationalise what it is to be male in our time through our words and actions. It is our hope that when the pendulum of change has stopped swinging that men will not just understand their new place in the world, but find contentment that helps to keep the ‘Black Dog’ at bay.

As the end of Movember draws near, please support the POMT crew as we grow the final stubs of hair.

Donate on who you think has the best Mo: https://au.movember.com/team/2263727

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