Unknown Unknowns: Consultancy in an Age of Knowing Too Much

Getting the right information about what you don’t know

Building the right foundations

With the expansive reach of the internet that has enabled unfettered access to information, it’s easier than ever to be knowledge on just about anything to do with technology. However dear reader, it’s no longer a matter of lacking information for now we are faced with too much of it which can lead to confusion and incorrect decision making to the detriment of your business.

As the then U.S. Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfield declared, “we have known knowns”, “known unknowns”, and “unknown unknowns”. To extrapolate, it’s limiting to solely look at the information that you already have, and it’s easy enough to gather more information that you know you’re missing. So by focusing on the ‘unknown unknowns’ we drive successful planning and learn more about the things that you don’t even realise you’re missing.

This requires you to research, fact-check, and analyse your situation with experts; in essence, you need to consult beyond your world.

Getting the right knowledge from the right people to save costs
Without consulting the right talent, businesses are unable to accurately understand what technology is required to suit their specific needs. This leads to inadequate budget planning and allocations, with excessive amendments incurring unnecessary costs. Major opportunity costs can be incurred when you access the wrong information and solutions, which lead to more problems and long-term correctional costs further down the track. Only considering the cost price of a project will often mean you miss the true value proposition of technological development in the long term.

Establishing expectations early in the process, will also help make the transition into adopting new technology and a new system of working a far smoother process.

So you must ask, what is it that you need solved? By reaching out to an expert, you can gain that unbiased big-picture perspective in recognising where you should or should not spend your time and money. To be sure, you can probably find a technological build that works for your purposes at a lower cost, but more likely than not, it won’t the best solution for your problems. Understanding your business objectives means investing intelligently whilst not installing and implementing superfluous solutions that marginally address what your business truly needs.

Finding the right solution for you
So the executive team have seen the fanciest technological set up online, or the news posts about the latest digital system implemented by a competing organisation. Now they want it themselves…

Services and Solutions are not a ‘one size fits all’ proposition. Ultimately, what you need is access to not only resources, but experience and specialised expertise in wading through the flood of information to extrapolate the most relevant sources. Our recent expansions have allowed us to further offer more effective and accessible advice and services on a national level.

Just like building a house, you can have your own vision, your own dream of a digitally-savvy workplace. But to build a structurally-sound house that will last you long into the future, it’s more important than ever in an age of over-information to learn what you don’t know.

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