The Visual Boardroom Re-(e)volution

The Enthralling Pace of Technology Progression
We are often enamoured by the progression of technology. It could be argued however that inventions such as the the hard drive and the smartphone are simply additional (albeit more advanced) solutions to the problems faced by their earliest iterations.

The same could be said for the modern boardroom. Whilst the concept of a meeting is largely unchanged (if anything, much shorter), the means by which we conduct them today would be unrecognisable prior to the mid 1990s.

An Ode to the Past
There is no denying the impact of changing technologies and their affect on the methods of communication in the workplace. Some may even recall the revelation that was rear projection when it first arrived in the boardroom and in doing so offered unsurpassed brightness, contrast, and viewing angles over standard projection methods of the day. There was rarely a high end boardroom that didn’t feature this technology prior to 2000.

At the turn of the century, large format LCD displays captured the market. Early adopters might recall the erroneous power consumption and vast quantities of heat production that eventually gave way to the uber efficient panels we know today.

But the biggest trend over the past 10 years has been the adoption of video wall tech within the boardroom setting. It has allowed us to move beyond the size restrictions of traditional displays, whilst presenting unique opportunities to meld the in room architecture in order to create a space that not only functioned as required but looked great in doing so.

But still, extreme setup costs and serviceability, along with large swathes of corporate real estate required to house all these technologies have seen their popularity wane.

Onwards to the Future
Once used exclusively within performance arenas, Modular LED has now truly arrived as a viable alternative by which one can create a truly magnificent boardroom space. It allows us to create dynamic multi-screen workspaces which are visually immersive meeting environments for the team, where real-time content sharing from multiple sources enables accessibility and reliability. It is indeed the very best of all the preceding technologies, combining unbelievable contrast, brightness, installation flexibility, architectural possibilities, size and simplistic serviceability.

Modular LED has simplified what was once a complex solution, enabling manufactures to deliver large wide range viewing devices at a price point that is now within reach of businesses seeking to make a truly unique impression. And yet, as with the previous incarnations of displays, there will continue to be more changes, more developments, further evolutions.

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