The Spark that lights the fuse

Last year we heard Spark evangelists waxing lyrical with claims such as “Spark is an email killer”, and “this is the future of collaboration”, which left us sceptical, but also intrigued. In 2016 we were compelled to see what all the noise was about and early reports are promising. As far as the collaboration aspect goes, Spark gets off to a great start by not only having a licensed feature-rich offering for business, but also a free version which offers the same open collaboration platform both of which are available via mobile, desktop, and web client, further enabling ease of access.

First Impressions

Our first look at the full client didn’t exactly blow our socks off.  The concepts of “Teams” and “Spaces” along side the traditional 1:1 chat took time to understand. Presence whilst available has its quirks whilst calling is pretty seamless within a sleek, clean interface that was easy to navigate. It’s not until one starts using Spark however, that the quantum leap forward that has been made, becomes apparent.

The words “organic” and “natural” come to mind when we think of how the user experience and adoption of Spark has been at POMT.  The licensing and user on-boarding process was simple.  Next step was the (email) communication to staff to advise of the new collaboration platform.  Our team had no problem signing on for the first time with SSO and once we had a user base online and some Spaces created, the team collaboration exploded and soon they were advising the super users how it should be used.

New found functionality such as creating a Spark meeting for all members of a Space, which created an Outlook invite and Spark video conference, and how to invite both internal and external people to Spaces they are working in.  And they did this intuitively, without training.  This ease of use led to one of the most rapid adoptions of an application we have seen within POMT, as our team started working and collaborating more efficiently, enabling work streams to progress much more quickly.

Emails Be Gone!

We can almost with confidence say that internal emails have all but died off which has promoted further use as the ‘fear of missing out’ complex wrapped around the team and positively forced users to adopt. Spark usage spread like wildfire, and once that fuse was lit there was no stopping it.

Combine this with Spark room devices such as the beautiful 4K Spark Board and Spark Room Kit, and our team collaboration capabilities are really ready to ignite. All this before the API development and integration points have been considered, a journey we are about to begin.

Through our own world experience, Spark is the paradigm shift in collaboration that email was to the paper memo.  If your organisation is looking for a smarter way of working and is ready to ride a new path, we’d love to talk to you.

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