Sennheiser SP 20 and 20 ML Speakerphone in Review

Do you ever find yourself answering a conference call on a mobile nestled between shoulder and ear as you wrestle to make notes on your laptop? Or perhaps you’ve launched a Skype for Business call from your laptop, only to find the sound is so sparse you can’t interpret what the person is saying on the other end. It paints an uncomfortable picture and one that is all-too-common for professionals communicating across disparate locations.
As traditional telephone communications are replaced by VoIP (Voice Over IP) and mobile, the quality of the speakers and microphones used has a far greater impact on the quality of the meeting held.

With a growing number of remote workers in our own teams here at POMT, the quality of the sound technology we use has become an important feature of a professional and productive videoconference. The experience of remote group conferencing can be as pain-free as you choose it to be, thanks to a swathe of portable technologies designed to replicate the quality of an office experience from any location.

Speaker Design


Sennheiser SP 20/20 ML (Microsoft Linc) is simple and effective. The speakerphone comes to you packaged in a neat zip-up bag, revealing a disc-shaped speaker that’s about the size of the palm of your hand. It boasts a lightweight design that allows for ease of transportation as you carry it from meeting to meeting.

The functionality is simple and to the point; with buttons to answer or reject a call and increase or decrease volume with the help of a green LED to indicate the change.

What we really like is the centrally-located mute button that flashes red when in use – it’s perfect for those moments where no one can get a word in edgeways! With a sleek attention to detail, cables (speaker and USB connections) can be wound around the disc for concealment and portability.

Key Features


The speaker connects directly to your PC or softphone and mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to merge calls across PC / softphone and mobile phone at the same time into one conference.

The SP 20 is a simple plug-and-play – connect using a SmartPhone or tablet to create a remote and professional sound quality conference at your fingertips. For those inclined to make Skype calls in replacement of face-to-face meetings, the SP 20 ML allows you to host professional Skype for Business meetings with ease via desktop, mobile phone or tablet. The only glitch for Skype users is you will need to download the Sennheiser Head Setup software from their website to allow functionality from the speaker.

In a final test to its durability, the inbuilt battery is a handy addition, giving you roughly 20 hours call time while you’re working remote. For such a lean device, the sound quality is much better than we expected – offering a clear remote conferencing sound quality that isn’t dissimilar to the real deal. With its ease of portability, more and more POMT employees will be found with a Sennheiser in hand.

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