The Importance of Support in Productivity

What is to be said of an investment that does not return on its promise? The questions that linger after failure has been accepted by the users often go unanswered, and the unsavoury taste of continual disappointment is simply tolerated until an opportunity presents itself to correct the decisions of the past.

Perhaps an overly negative introduction to what is to be a positive piece following, but in the sphere that is workplace technology, we have heard this story retold time and time again. And despite our hopes that the ending to this story will eventually yield a less bitter end, it does not. Thus, under a dark cloud our journey must begin.

It’s certainly a truth that projects don’t set out to fail, technologies are not built to break, implementations are a far cry from brain surgery, and we as people undertake motions with the desire to succeed. So why then, and more importantly, at what stage of a solution lifecycle does the Return on Investment (ROI) elude those who set off after its presence?

Talk little and listen much more than you talk

It is no surprise that at times the alignment of a workplace technology solution to a clear set of business requirements is a challenging beast to wrestle, made even more so by the concept of ‘time’ that is either too bountiful or not quite plentiful enough. With that said, the effort that is exerted during the early stages of toiling through a workplace journey is immense, and equalled only by the effort expended during its deployment. Yet what is perplexing of this industry is its clear lack of a production management strategy, and how it impresses the responsibility of negotiating new workplace solutions to a user base that is ill-equipped to face the technological challenges that are presented.

The underlying or recurring issues that arise time and time again, are responded to with short-term duct tape solutions, never adequately resolved at the source. Businesses struggle to climb out of the pitfalls of simply throwing more funding into a problem that never goes away, failing to provide enough management support to break through internal management barriers. And with the lack of IT support and resources, and the insufficiency of continual education and adaptation for staff to new systems, the incompatibility of old and new systems persists in hindering the progress of the business.  Why are issues thrown into the “too hard” basket, and not explored thoroughly enough to unravel the fundamental problems?

So how do we do it?

It is this conflict that calls for urgent attention – as much as the bloated nature of projects – to reach the alluring ROI. So, share with you we must, the story of how POMT has grown to deliver one of the most successful Production Management Environment Services within the industry, a story that started with saying very little indeed.

We sought out our most trusted and talented enterprise constituents and asked that they describe their experiences in the past, and to prescribe a world in which these services are successfully delivered and the ROI achieved. Sure, this was merely market research, but what made this market research different to those conducted before was the sustained period over which it was undertaken. Those 14 months of research prior to the initial birthing of the team and deciding on its offering continues unabated to this very day.

Every initial engagement we seek with prospective clients begins with understanding in fine detail where they have come from and what they seek from the concept of service delivery excellence. The alignment of their experiences and needs with our production management service catalogue is something we deliberately take our time with to ensure that we can deliver not only products, but services of the highest degree.

What we deliver in this anecdote, is that POMT has recognised and acted upon the need to evolve, change, and adapt offers to suit the ever changing contemporary business environment, and continues to learn more in order to better understand how we can improve our services. It is undeniable that Support is a key area in our industry that is often taken for granted, but it can truly be appreciated when all components of the business are run so seamlessly that it is not expressly visible.

The easiest thing to do, the hardest thing to get right

The beauty and simplicity of fine black coffee is irrefutable for connoisseurs. But in truth, the creation of it in great form is far from easy or simple. Yet at the moment it is made available, everyone follows in suit by attempting to make it – albeit to varying degrees of success. The same can be said of the delivery of production environment services. Breaking down the motions and methods that need to be undertaken to deliver a successful service, it is the firm belief of POMT that isolating them, refining them, and finally gauging their success and current team performance is vital. With our current Support Services and User Adoption program, we aim to ease and simplify the processes of implementing and integrating workplace technology into your workplace.



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