InfoComm 2016 Wrap-Up

Following the AV industry’s biggest calendar event of the year, members of the Peace of Mind Technology (POMT) team were tasked to relay some of the key highlights of the show as they saw it.

At first glance, InfoComm is an overwhelming sensory experience. The sheer size of its spectacle is a feast of inspiration and imagination. Below, we break down what we feel are some of the most exciting and innovative technologies on display.


dsps_and_toolCrestron‘s booth this year is thematically charged with the tagline: “Technology for every space”.

The display focused mainly around collaboration, with fully functional spaces where people could sample meeting, presenting, collaborating and streaming. There was an amazing array of LED-type walls and screens mounted for viewers to sample.

The things we felt stood out most include:

  • H.264 transmitters and receivers where a TX can be programmatically changed to a RX
  • Fiber 4k/30 transmitter blade with HDMI connectivity for DM switching allowing long transmission runs
  • Unveiling of Crestron Avia DSPs, the top of line has PSTN, Voip, USB and Dante built-in
  • A new Audio Amplification (8 channel) lineup, featuring a 70/low impedance (switchable per channel), plus active monitoring so it can be integrated into Fusion for live error monitoring (same goes for DSPs)
  • AV framework push, which is ideally applicable for standard room spaces. The idea being it makes things very easy to deploy in cookie cutter-type room deployments.



Next up, it was back to the North Hall where SpinetiX highlighted the growing opportunities of digital signage; including the plug-and-play DiVA Single Screeen Player.


Condeco Software US displayed their recent acquisition, myVRM, to drive smoother collaboration by streamlining audio, video, content sharing and virtual meetings in one.


Polycom displayed their Real Presence Centro and ‘Meeting in the Round’, presenting the power of their 360-view capture technology. We also managed to pick up some new knowledge on pushing content via Trio – did you know there are three ways?



We stopped by Cisco to take at look at the Global Cisco Spark offering and Spark Hybrid Series; offering secure team messaging, file sharing and integrated voice and audio from anywhere, at any time. One awesome feature we noted is the ability to integrate with minimal user intervention to hand off a call from a mobile phone to a dedicated hardware-based codec. Apparently it uses high-frequency audio to identify the caller, allowing transfer of the videoconference from a mobile device to a hardware deviceThe ability to attend walk into a meeting room and havthe Codec take over the call without you having to lift a finger was an impressive solution.



We then moved on to the team at Zoom, sampling their interoperable video conference solution using an iPad (with android on its way). The system makes use of any camera and mic solution. The areas they are still working on include S4B 1-Touch connecting if you are not the meeting instigator, plus a few other odds and ends.




LED Displays


Across InfoComm, the show was packed full of LED wall technology. As we moved through, it was the screens of Sony and SiliconCore that left a lasting impression.

On display at the Sony stand was an impressive LED wall setup, featuring their Crystal LED Integrated Structure designed for commercial applications and immersive experiences.

Standing up against the wall, you might have thought it was just one comprehensive LED screen. But a closer inspection would reveal it was a series of screens, with the joins incomprehensible to the naked eye due to Sony’s ultrafine LED structure. The technology used, combined with the demonstration content, made for an impressive demonstration.

According to Sony Representatives at the stand, the Sony LED is not in production.

Middle Atlantic Rack Mounting


Next, we dropped into the Middle Atlantic stand to view their brilliant rack mounting solutions, specifically geared to small parts like transmitters. They are calling this the UTB series Universal TechBox.






We also saw strong rack mounting and transformer power solution at tvONE, who debuted their universal rack mounting system alongside new 4K and IP based products at the event. This comes highly recommended and well worth a look into. 




Williams Sound


At the Williams Sound stand, the Next Generation Hearing Hotspot was introduced alongside the New Induction Loop Digi-Loop Amplifiers. The hearing hotspot allows real-time audio streaming via a microphone or television monitor to a person’s smartphone or tablet. The hearing hotspot connects the audio outputs of a system to a switcher, which then puts those outputs onto a network to stream accessible via an iPhone or Android device, allowing you to listen to any channel you want via your headphones or a neckloop. 







Biamp had an exciting new product line, TesiraLUX, which is a video distribution over an Audio Visual Bridging (AVB) solution, allowing deployment via existing programming logic.

This is set to be available from January 2017.





We then toured the Harman Professional Solutions stand. The stand-out offerings from AMX included:

  • The Hydroport cartridge has been redesigned, allowing replacement without taking the whole table apart.
  • They showed a product called “My Turn”, which essentially is a switch that clips to, say an HDMI cable, and then when you want to present you simply push the button and a relay then tells a switcher to change inputs.
  • new room booking panel with built-in processing so there’s no need to run through RMS for intelligence. It can connect to Exchange or Google for room info.
  • We also looked at the SVSI Line-up. This video routing over Ethernet solution continues to advance. It can be controlled via AMX or various other methods including just a web page login.

Although there was no doubt a huge amount more that we saw over the week, that pretty much wraps things up for the show.

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