Finding Fighting Spirit: Somewhere Out There

Morale, or as the French call it, esprit de corps, forms the cornerstone of starting, maintaining, and finally dealing out the final blows of a project.
And whether we’re referring to a battle for an empire or the battle to actualise an idea into a fully blown enterprise, it’s about a group of people consistently pulling together and persistently pursuing a common goal. And as with a battalion of trained Spartan troops, an enterprise is more likely to surrender to obstacles and failures where there is low morale.

With this understanding of the direct impact of morale on the success of a unit as a cohesive group, we have come to understand the vital significance of staff morale for our business. Like it has been proven over millennia of human military strategy, high morale means higher productivity, better performance, and increased levels of creativity from all those that feel motivated.

We must respond, respect, and cultivate personal wellbeing in the work environment to create a positive team culture and thus foster effective interpersonal relationships between individuals who are driven to express what they need to get the most out of the group, and in return, give the most back to the group.

And the first step to boosting morale is simply to recognise and award team members who perform well. Often missed and forgotten in the workplace when bombarded by the daily demands of meeting deadlines and achieving team targets, it’s one of the most direct ways for a business to effectively inspire their staff to continue to strive to do better.

We personally found it quite effective – and pretty darn enjoyable – to send a couple of our high achievers annually off to a couple days of leisurely…well, leisuring, and found our team members coming back refreshed from a series of golfing, bowling, and quad biking.
But in this reward, is being able to recognise what staff want and what they need. Amongst other solutions, continuing to maintain morale and motivation to achieve new heights in our business includes opening up opportunities for staff to develop through implementing programs for further learning and growth. Rewarding staff achievements with not a cap on their capacities, but rather an encouragement to further themselves through gaining more skills, self-confidence, or implementing new ideas, will truly foster a sustainable company culture in which every individual feels empowered to do more and fight for your cause further.

After all, what is a fight without fighting spirit? And in our own forays into the future of POMT, we’ll certainly be looking somewhere out there to continue finding it within.

Take a look at how we’ve done it so far:

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