Felicity 2.0: Hope and Strength in Gender Equality

As we are faced by an increasingly volatile social sphere, public conversation about gender equality is more important than ever. In 2017, via our Movember contribution, we demonstrated our support for raising awareness of men’s health and suicide issues. Now in 2018 the long-standing gender equality issue prompted our team to take a stand, as we supported the Felicity 2.0 street art project on Underwood St, Sydney.

Working with the amazing event sponsors Two Good Co, Lendlease, City of Sydney and Kernel Property, we supported four brilliant artists, Lotte Alexis Smith, Muralisto, Sharon Billinge, and Shannon Crees, to create a series of powerful murals that explored the dynamics of gender and its impacts on the community.

In Australia today, gendered violence and abuse affects one in three women, and one in five women have experienced harassment in the workplace. “What this project became about was meditating on the idea that women in the workforce, we know that we’re capable, we know your potential, and we know our worth,” Lotte Alexis Smith explained. “We need to stop building a hierarchy across gender altogether, and breaking down those stereotypes. Because they affect everyone; everyone loses out in some way.”

Across the murals, the four artists explored ideas of identity, individuality, gender, and sexuality, to create something that the public can engage with and reflect upon. As Muralisto duo Xander and Zoe put it, “Equality is only possible when we work together, and gender equality is something that affects everyone. So we need to work together to reach that goal of equality, safety, and kindness, to become the best kind of community that we can be.”

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