Allowing true collaboration in meeting spaces

Crestron’s AirMedia is a useful tool that vastly improves any meeting space.

Once the AirMedia device is connected to your business’s data network and plugged into a meeting room screen, users can connect to it via Wi-Fi and wirelessly display their desktop or mobile device on the screen. All you need is the Crestron AirMedia app on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The app will ask for an IP address and access code which will be displayed on the meeting room’s screen you want to
connect with. After the details have been entered your presentation, or whatever else you want displayed, will come up on the big screen. Music, videos, presentations, they are all supported by Crestron’s AirMedia.
One of the best things about this device is that up to 32 devices can be connected to the one AirMedia, which means switching between hosts is as easy as clicking on ‘Show Me’ in the app. In Quad view mode, up to 4 devices can be simultaneously displayed allowing true collaboration in the meeting. Moderator Mode allows you to run the show, preventing meeting room chaos by selecting which presenter’s content to display.
With Remote View someone sitting at the back of the auditorium or someone who cannot see the screen very well can connect through a web browser and view the presentation on their mobile phone.

Put simply, AirMedia transforms any meeting room into a truly wireless experience. It is a great tool any business can integrate into their office meeting spaces


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