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Creating Value By Recognising The Importance Of User Experience In The Workplace A cautionary tale for the visionary The executive team has seen the latest and shiniest gadgets on the news, or heard about the fancy technology set up a competitor has just installed. They want it too, and they want it now. They’ve…(Read More)

Red Cross Legends

Here at POMT we have no shortage of legends at work regularly, but in the week of 11th-17th June, we had a whole host of ‘Bloody Legends’ in the office. Participating in the Australian Red Cross Red25 Blood Drive, our team joined in on the efforts of the Australian Red Cross to provide blood…(Read More)

As we are faced by an increasingly volatile social sphere, public conversation about gender equality is more important than ever. In 2017, via our Movember contribution, we demonstrated our support for raising awareness of men’s health and suicide issues. Now in 2018 the long-standing gender equality issue prompted our team to take a…(Read More)

Getting the right information about what you don’t know Building the right foundations With the expansive reach of the internet that has enabled unfettered access to information, it’s easier than ever to be knowledge on just about anything to do with technology. However dear reader, it’s no longer a matter of lacking…(Read More)

The Enthralling Pace of Technology Progression We are often enamoured by the progression of technology. It could be argued however that inventions such as the the hard drive and the smartphone are simply additional (albeit more advanced) solutions to the problems faced by their earliest iterations. The same could be said for the modern boardroom…(Read More)

The Power of Voice

Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has not always been as simple or accessible a process as we know today. The transition from legacy phone systems to the telecommunications platforms of today is a technological journey paved with digital deaths and forgotten fixes since its inception in 1995. How does it do its thing? VoIP is…(Read More)

Morale, or as the French call it, esprit de corps, forms the cornerstone of starting, maintaining, and finally dealing out the final blows of a project. And whether we’re referring to a battle for an empire or the battle to actualise an idea into a fully blown enterprise, it’s about a group of…(Read More)

By Ben Donnelly Haven’t we been here before? The Retrospective is often an automated and uninspired habit. Whether they are run regularly as part of an Agile approach to delivery; or at the end of the delivery cycle in the more traditional waterfall projects. These meetings look back over the last period before defaulting…(Read More)

What is to be said of an investment that does not return on its promise? The questions that linger after failure has been accepted by the users often go unanswered, and the unsavoury taste of continual disappointment is simply tolerated until an opportunity presents itself to correct the decisions of the past. Perhaps an overly…(Read More)

Our Values – Simplicity

“Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler” the Albert Einstein quote that has been the subject of much debate over the years. For the POMT team it is generally considered our most important value and the one that had the most profound impact on the way we work. The desire to simplify matters…(Read More)

Today we are presented with many worthy and deserving causes crying out for attention with marriage equality most recently standing out as the overwhelming “cause du jour” for most Australians. Running parallel to all this is the global outcry against men’s abuse of power and the subjugation of women in the workplace. It’s…(Read More)

Kraft peanut butter…’never oily, never dry’…it and almost it along was synonymous with growing up in 1980s when it came to the nutty spread…yet something strange has been happening in the peanut butter isle at the local supermarket… Today, we are presented with a plethora of options including those that offer a…(Read More)

We are at it again!

Very occasionally in life you get the chance to achieve something extraordinary; something that will inspire others and prove something to yourself. Oxfam Trailwalker is one of those rare opportunities. It’s an epic journey that changes lives forever! Last year we were attempted the Oxfam Trailwalker which is an inspiring and challenging 100k trek…(Read More)

What the Meraki? 

Simplify and untangle your networking needs…. “WiFi’s down”.  Who’s ever heard this cry ring out across the office? We certainly have, creating lost productivity and much frustration on a daily basis. So we took the opportunity to take a look at our corporate network as a whole, including interstate offices, with a view…(Read More)

Crestron’s AirMedia is a useful tool that vastly improves any meeting space. Once the AirMedia device is connected to your business’s data network and plugged into a meeting room screen, users can connect to it via Wi-Fi and wirelessly display their desktop or mobile device on the screen. All you need is…(Read More)

Happy Quokka

Recently, we decided we wanted to survey the POMT team regarding their experience working at POMT. We spent hours constructing a very intelligent (read ‘painful’) ‘team satisfaction survey’ consisting of multiple complex questions that we thought we could ask the team on a regular basis to gauge what they thought about working at POMT. Happy…(Read More)

In this episode we lift the lid on our use cases within Atlassian’s Confluence application, dive into the pros and cons, explore the impact it has had within our team and tackle the question ‘is there actually a place for Word and Excel anymore? First Impressions We were first introduced to Confluence in the…(Read More)

Last year we heard Spark evangelists waxing lyrical with claims such as “Spark is an email killer”, and “this is the future of collaboration”, which left us sceptical, but also intrigued. In 2016 we were compelled to see what all the noise was about and early reports are promising. As far as the collaboration aspect…(Read More)

We thought the international network security events of last week were incredibly interesting. Then on Monday Morning the POMT team found itself front and centre in the fight against cyber crime as our accounting system experienced an attempted hack and our email system was compromised which spread and affected our customer’s and in turn…(Read More)

When POMT was founded over 20 years ago, the AV and workplace technology solutions we designed and installed from one client to the next were pretty consistent. Whilst the same still could be said five years ago, today things are quite the opposite. Comparing then and now would be the equivalent of comparing the complexity…(Read More)

Welcome to Sydney. Sweeping harbour views, shimmering skyline. But it comes at a hefty price per square metre so you want to get the best return on investment from every space on that prized floor plate. Workplace technology delivers tangible benefits to businesses but design and implementation of this technology within the competing demands of…(Read More)

Near-Field Communication (NFC) has been around for years, but why is the late bloomer of mobile innovation yet to skyrocket? Available in most current smartphones, NFC technology enables contactless transactions such as mobile payments. However, the technology only gained widespread prominence with the introduction of Apple Pay for the 2014 iPhone 6 and 6…(Read More)

It Slices, It Dices!

A new device from automation and control solutions company Crestron may just be the first agnostic collaboration device that truly provides a reliable and good user experience. It’s always great to see a new product that aligns perfectly with POMT‘s vision to make complex technologies simple, intuitive and easy to use. Crestron’s…(Read More)

For more than 20 years, Cisco has held sway in networking, but questions about Cisco’s relevance to the end user and in the application space have been left unanswered. The tech world collectively held its breath when Cisco acquired the Flip camera in 2009 and took over TANDBERG in 2010, and released its Cius…(Read More)


As we march into the future, technology is beginning to wrap itself around us, literally. For many of us, wearable technology (or wearables) is a source of infinite curiosity. For others, this new wave of tech is a way to complement their existing lifestyle and reduce the latent frustration between tech and their own well…(Read More)


This is a guest article contributed by POMT’s very own Kevin Tomlinson, Solutions Architect SME. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword being murmured through the spaces of most tech giants today. Apple, Google, Facebook are already knee-deep in the race for AI, delivering on and continuing to expand user experience where AI is…(Read More)


There are probably more than a handful of managers and business leaders out there who hear the phrase “remote working” and immediately conjure up the image of an employee sitting around in their pyjamas collecting a paycheck each week. Admittedly, there are always going to be those employees who abuse the system. But chances are…(Read More)


How do you increase workplace efficiency? This is a question fresh in the minds of business leaders looking to increase efficiency and productivity in their space utilisation. In conjunction with Condeco Sense, Peace of Mind Technology is delivering real-time, wireless occupancy sense technology to workplaces to provide transparent data on how teams work and…(Read More)


Our vision of the modern workplace is marked by images of heightened interaction and collaboration. Collaboration between employees within and between organisations is a necessary function to encourage sharing of resources, knowledge, and skills. After all, change is almost impossible without the shared effort of skilled individuals working together to achieve industry-wide collaboration and…(Read More)


Over the past ten years, we have seen video conferencing take centre stage as the industry standard for workplace collaboration and communications. The benefits of new technologies are transforming the meeting experience as coworkers and client connect with ease across diverse physical and virtual environments and time zones. But users haven’t been quite as…(Read More)


The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent. If Arnie (quoted above) has taught us one thing, it’s that your mental strength is just as important as your physical strength in…(Read More)


Do you ever find yourself answering a conference call on a mobile nestled between shoulder and ear as you wrestle to make notes on your laptop? Or perhaps you’ve launched a Skype for Business call from your laptop, only to find the sound is so sparse you can’t interpret what the person is…(Read More)

The results are in. Key insights from the 2016 Digital Strategy Summit hosted in Sydney earlier this year have revealed the biggest investment priority for CxO’s is Customer Experience (CX). So what’s it all about? The future of customer service is that technology makes experience better, according to a recent article published by…(Read More)


In February of this year, Inc declared 9 Reasons That Open-Plan Offices are Stupid. In May, the Sydney Morning Herald questioned whether open-plan offices are insane. Once or twice, I have found myself working in an open-plan environment in less-than-ideal work conditions – maybe I am positioned slightly closer to the…(Read More)

Media distribution in the workplace. For a lot of readers, just on its own, that phrase conjures up a range of very different images and probably creates mixed feelings, too. And why is that? When we talk about media distribution, there is no single defining technology, no one holistic solution, there is no sole owner…(Read More)


The iconic photograph of a relaxed worker sipping coffee and tapping away on their laptop from a distant tropical island getaway is fast becoming emblematic of the modern worker. But have you ever looked on with forgivable envy wondering, how did they get there? And, on a serious note, are they really getting any work…(Read More)


Mark Twain, that great American author, charges us to realise the importance of presentation cues when he reflects that while the right words are effective, ‘no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.’ Although it is important to invest time in a well-written and carefully constructed presentation, without effective planning and…(Read More)


Have you stopped to consider the following: how does your firm occupy space today? How does it want to occupy space in the future? Gone are the days of workplace silos; marked by the knowing vista of closed doors behind which individuals work in corporatised isolation. The modern legal workplace you experience today presents very…(Read More)


Following the AV industry’s biggest calendar event of the year, members of the Peace of Mind Technology (POMT) team were tasked to relay some of the key highlights of the show as they saw it. At first glance, InfoComm is an overwhelming sensory experience. The sheer size of its spectacle is a feast of…(Read More)