Today’s ideal workplace should reflect the organisation’s culture, management ethos and corporate aspirations. Investa’s new headquarters, atop 420 George Street Sydney does just that, bringing together space, culture, design and technology to create one of Australia’s most advanced office environments.

Learn about the digital transformation happening in workplace solutions and explore the reality of designing and developing a modern office environment that prioritises the user experience and adoption of integrated, state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Importance of Partnership

Collaborating towards success and the bigger picture

Design, Architecture & Technology

Unity in design and space to achieve unity across the workspace

End to End Solution

Recognising the importance of the end user experience

Putting People First And Building A Workplace For Tomorrow

Our Industry Partners & What they can offer

Learn more about how we can help you revolutionise your workplace and the way you work today.

Investa Case Study

Creating a timeless and sophisticated workplace in partnership with Norman Disney & Young, HASSELL, Montlaur Project Services and POMT for Investa Property Group, a business looking ahead to tomorrow

Featured Microsoft Integrated products

In our modern workplace we have Microsoft focused solutions that we can build on and adapt to any existing workplace system. With a vast array of capabilities, their complete compatibility with the Microsoft OS allows them to seamlessly respond to the various needs of our business to allow you focus on what you're doing, and not how you're doing it.