Together Towards Success: Creating the Contemporary Workplace

Two heads are better than one – the importance of partnerships and collaborations

Collaboration. Found across all types of industries, from music projects to luxury fashion shows, it’s hardly a new concept. However, collaboration is particularly pertinent for a modern workplace that is ever evolving to become better and more efficient. And, hard as we try, individually we cannot be experts across all fields; the very word ‘expert’ means being particularly knowledgeable or skilful in a specific area.
Instead, we can benefit from the variety of insights and knowledge of experts across the industry. Their differing experiences can develop a multi-faceted understanding of a new tech solution or product issue to create the best possible end user experience as a result.

The three Cs, aren’t they the same thing?

Collaboration. Co-operation. Corroboration. You might have used these words interchangeably at some point, but upon closer examination, they are very different concepts entirely. So what does a true collaboration involve? It’s more than ensuring you have the same information by corroborating sources, and more than exchanging information like you would with a simple co-operation.
As our own work has demonstrated, an effective collaboration – which involves partnership too – is built on the foundations of respect, trust, and support. Recently for an exciting development, POMT had the opportunity to rally key industry leaders, Investa, Microsoft, Hassell, Montlaur, and Norman Disney & Young. We explored the potential of modern workplace technologies by developing an innovative new solution for Investa’s headquarters, where each key partner was an essential piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

Bringing to the table their own strengths for a complete picture, the combined efforts of our diverse team culminated in a unique, state-of-the-art project that ultimately enhanced the modern workplace culture of Investa. The dynamic mix of ground breaking technology from Microsoft, Hassell’s design knowledge, project management expertise from Montlaur, and Buildcorp’s construction know-how resulted in a streamlined strategy and approach to build a workplace that actively supported Investa’s united and cohesive work culture.
Just as Investa recognised their own strengths as well as the challenges they would face if approaching this project alone, POMT and all of our partners acknowledged the expertise of all our collaborators against our own. Using this understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, we could then plan how to achieve the overall objectives, understanding that each different skill set added a new dimension to our project.

Collaborating for success

Defined as “working with someone to produce something”, a successful collaboration is one that generates an ideal outcome through the equal and mutual alignment of goals for all the partners involved. While it might be daunting to relinquish some of the control that comes with an individualistic approach to working, it’s important to remember that a successful partnership is not about you working for your partner, or your partner working for you. Collaboration means working with your partner. Collaborations can be opportunities to reach goals that would be far out of the reach of one individual. After all, aren’t two heads, three heads, or even seven heads better than one?

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